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ARSA PAK Instruments Co., Ltd., a division of Arsa Enterprises, sets the world standard for premium quality stainless steel instruments. Some of our customers are the largest and most successful distributors of Beauty Implements in the global market. We are always advancing the winning formula of a devoted workforce, modernization and a strict quality control standard. Whether you purchase from our standard product line, or we manufacture to your special order, you will be purchasing consistent quality instruments at factory direct cost. This is our commitment to you.

ARSA PAK is ISO 9001:2000, FDA and CE Marking certified.

There are preconceptions in the manufacture of instruments, which we will address. Many instruments purchased from German, Italian and Korean sources are actually of Pakistan origin. This is fact! Further, you have noticed instruments advertised, as German stainless while the actual country of manufacture remains hidden. You are being led to believe the instruments are manufactured in Germany, which they are not. In truth, these instruments are most likely manufactured in Pakistan.
We are seeking Sales Representatives, Schools, Distributors, Wholesalers and Importers in The Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.
If you sell Beauty Implements, we want to talk with you!

Pasrur Road, Sialkot-Pakistan
T: +92-52-3540082
F: +92-52-3540058 / 1-732-909-2730
E:  info@arsapak.com
W: http://www.arsapak.com



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